User Experience

As search engines evolve and turn smarter, businesses find it increasingly challenging to maintain their ranks on the search engine results pages. The success of websites, Web applications, and other online user interfaces is critical to any business that wants to leverage its online presence to attract and retain customers. And at the heart of all these lies the ability of an online resource to provide a rich user experience.

            Innovation is the Key

Thus we, at Alliance IT Solutions, exploit the most sophisticated social, mobile, and cloud-computing technologies to design user experience solutions that make your customers want to come back!

We use the latest Web development technologies like HTML5 and jQuery to design our solutions and make the latter more dynamic, interactive, flexible, stable, and exhibit the highest degree of cross-platform compatibility.


HTML has continued to evolve. HTML5 is its latest avatar and according to many industry pundits, it is the most extensively modified of all HTML versions. Our HTML5 experts exploit the full potential of this new technology to build advanced Web 2.0 applications that are immensely scalable and extremely effective. Our solutions are perfectly aligned with your SEO strategies and address link building and content quality issues to make you website more search engine friendly.

What is more, our HTML5 solutions make your website easily accessible on multiple platforms and devices. This spares you the expenses of commissioning the development of device-specific Web resources without compromising on the user experience you provide.


Libraries simplify the work of coding applications and amongst all the libraries available right now, jQuery is unanimously regarded as one of the best. An open-source JavaScript library, jQuery is used to power more than half of the top 10,000 most-visited websites. The jQuery library is popular not only because it is an open-source platform but also because of its ability to simplify inherently complex tasks like traversing large HTML documents, performing animations, and handling multiple events.

The wide array of plug-ins made available via jQuery let developers easily incorporate varying degrees of functionality in a website without needing to write complex pieces of code. The ease of development of jQuery-based Web applications at our end let you enjoy immense cost advantages. So you can enhance the user experience on your Web properties without needing to spend a fortune on their developmental efforts.


Willing to Work with You to Find a Common Solution

Our user experience solutions allow you to reap the most benefit from your investment in digital resources. Call us today to know more about our exciting solutions. 

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