LAMP Stack

The mammoth power of the LAMP stack is derived from its extremely versatile, agile, and stable components—the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP. We, at Alliance IT Solutions, have the training and experience to exploit the potential of each of these components and create diverse and dynamic applications that will suit your unique business needs admirably. Most Web applications today are hosted on the LAMP stack platform. Here’s why yours should be too.


Soar on the Speed of Linux - Linux is an open-source operating system. But its appeal does not lie in its cost-efficiency only. This operating system boasts of cross-platform compatibility, lightning fast response times, admirable uptime, and immense stability that make your applications supremely efficient. Linux enables efficient management of resources and makes applications run smoothly without requiring reboots and upgrades for a long time. This translates into greater cost benefits. On the other hand, increased uptime percentage at your end and reduced downtime percentage for your clients ensure that your applications fulfill your primary business objective of achieving efficiency with optimal utilization of resources.


Let Apache be the Grounding Force - The stability of LAMP applications is derived primarily from the inherent robustness of the Apache server. This server facilitates lightning fast handling and resolution of requests and seamlessly works with multiple languages by integrating the interpreter within its fast and efficient environment. This ensures that the dynamic components generated by PHP, Python, and Perl are executed promptly. Your media-rich and highly interactive website thus loads and/or refreshes at a blistering pace and enhances the user experience. The ability to exploit all the features of an Apache server allow us to create for you diverse types of websites to suit your varied business purposes.


Build Complex Applications with MySQL - The efficiency of the MySQL relational database management system is evident in its many success stories—YouTube, Digg, WordPress, Yahoo!, Google, and plenty of other Web 2.0 applications that store, archive, and manage humongous chunks of data and also enable their users to search for and retrieve these pieces of information instantly. This database management system is just the ideal choice for operating and maintaining enterprise-grade websites effortlessly and efficiently.


Harness the Power and Versatility of PHP - PHP Web-based applications score over most others by dint of the ability of the programming language to support dynamic content. Our LAMP applications ride on the versatility of the PHP language to provide the advantage of dynamism to your website.


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