E-Commerce Solutions

The sheer convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home makes more and more consumers turn to online retail stores to browse the virtual shop windows and order over the Internet basking in the knowledge that their credit card information will remain secure and the orders will reach their doorsteps soon.

It is not at all an exaggeration to say that the success of a business hinges to a large extent on the user experience that can be had at its online store front. That is why, we at Alliance IT Solutions, create customized e-commerce solutions using the most sophisticated tools, technologies, and platforms so that you can reap the following benefits:

  • Increased Sales: Our customized e-commerce solutions take into account your specific business needs and the demands of your target audience. That is why, our solutions can provide a seamless and extremely satisfying user experience that help you retain and attract customers.


  • Enhanced Data Security: Our e-commerce solutions pack in enhanced data security measures that protect sensitive financial information belonging to your customers. We ensure that our products comply with all the relevant federal guidelines. This makes your brand trustworthy and increases customer confidence.


  • Increased Revenues: The above-mentioned benefits synergistically enhance your brand image and increase your revenues.

We have on board designers, developers, and analysts who have the expertise, training, and experience to wield many different e-commerce tools and technologies and exploit their unique potential to the hilt to serve your business goals. For instance, we can devise e-commerce solutions using DotShoppingCart that can leverage the power of content management tools to give small- and mid-sized businesses ample cost advantages.

Our Opencart solutions on the other hand, harness the cost advantages of an open-source platform that surprisingly, is packed with almost countless pre-loaded shopping cart themes and an equally large number of methods to integrate payment gateway and shipping options. Our solutions give small businesses the golden opportunity to reap the advantages of practicing e-commerce without needing to shell out a fortune.

We also have solutions up our sleeves for large businesses with completely different and constantly evolving sets of needs. Our Magento and AspDotNetStorefront e-commerce solutions are robust, feature-rich, and scalable to allow large businesses manage hundreds of differently-branded storefronts without needing to build different databases for each. These sophisticated e-commerce solutions also allow us to incorporate nifty applications to enhance the user experience.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized e-commerce solutions that can help you build a formidable online presence.


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