Database Design and Development

Big Data is right now the biggest buzz word in the world of business. The proliferation of social media sites and the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other handheld mobile communication devices to shop on and search the Internet have led to the Big Data explosion.

A New Frontier

The sheer volume of data that is thus generated has to be managed and mined to make predictive analyses. This is a critical growth exercise that enables businesses to improve productivity, create value, and cut costs by reducing wastage. That is why, we at Alliance IT Solutions provide customized database design and development services to help you exploit the potential of Big Data.

We have the training, expertise, and experience to wield industry standard products like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle to design, develop, and deploy database solutions that suit your unique business processes while being aligned with your corporate strategies. Our solutions provide the following benefits to you:

Reduced Data Redundancy: Our database designs let you reduce instances of data redundancy in your system. This in turn, prevents data inconsistencies and optimizes the utilization of storage spaces. Your business processes can run smoothly and you can reduce costs of storing data.


Increased Data Integrity: While designing database solutions for your business, we carefully take into account the data integrity constraints imposed by the nature of your business data and work around these issues. This ensures that our solutions let you manage, access, and retrieve data effortlessly.

Support for Multiple Data Views: We realize that your business may be spread over diverse geographical locations and will be accessed by various stakeholders. That is why, we equip our database products with the ability to provide customized views of the data.


Easier Data Distribution: Our database solutions let you distribute the stored data amongst multiple users and between different applications. The ability to share stored data eases the process of creating new applications and does away with the need to generate copies of the same piece of data.


Enhanced Data Security: Our database solutions guarantee maximum security for your data by allowing access through authorized channels only. We can customize our solutions based on the level of security you desire by incorporating one or more security tools at various points of access.


Faster Backup and Recovery: Our powerful database design solutions contain backup and recovery subsystems to ensure your data remains safe even after instances like hardware and/or software crashes.

Above and Beyond

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, our experts can also design databases to exploit the latest technological development in the IT arena. Our Oracle solutions let you work with highly scalable applications while our Microsoft SQL Server solutions enable you to handle Big Data and our MySQL database designs enhance the efficacy of your LAMP applications. Get in touch with us today to know more about our custom database design and development services.

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