Technology and Methodology

The IT administrator in a business has an unenviable task. He has to not only keep pace with the technology upgrades that seem to take place every day but has to also ensure that he incorporates these within the existing IT infrastructure after taking into consideration compatibility issues. And of course, he has to achieve these tasks while operating within the ambit of the corporate policy, in alignment with business objectives, keeping an eye on the costs, and without causing too much or any downtime. 

That is why, we at Alliance IT Solutions, provide you with application solutions that use the latest and the most productive technology to help employees perform varied complex business tasks effortlessly. The efficacy of our applications is derived from the platforms they are built upon.

Microsoft .NET Framework

The Microsoft .NET framework is a significant improvement over its predecessors in that it supports a wide variety of languages like C#, VB.NET, J#, and C++. Our mastery over this platform allows us to create Windows client applications, console applications, e-commerce solutions, database applications, build dynamic websites, and provide seamless Web services. The multi-language support of our Microsoft .NET applications lets you implement our solutions within your existing infrastructure without needing to worry about inter-operability issues. 

Microsoft .NET solutions are easy for developers to build because of their inherent simplicity and user-friendliness. The reduction in the developmental effort translates into cost efficiency for us and we can, in turn, pass on the price benefits to you. 

LAMP Stack Technology

LAMP—Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP—solutions are right now the most common website "stack" environment prevalent on the Web. It is widely used not only because it is open-source and thus is free to be implemented but also because of its adaptability and versatility. Applications developed using the LAMP technology are extremely efficient, reliable, and stable. The cross-platform compatibility of our applications aided by the Linux operating system, their stability facilitated by the Apache server, their capability to handle complex databases courtesy MySQL, and their ability to weave in dynamic content written in PHP help IT administrators integrate these solutions within an existing IT infrastructure seamlessly. 

Microsoft Mobile and iOS Technologies

Our mobile software development services and solutions enable businesses to reach out to the smartphone and tablet-wielding populace with their varied interactive multimedia offerings. We have on board the talent, the experience, and the expertise to create solutions for a variety of mobile platforms like Windows Mobile devices, AndroidTM, iPhoneTM, and iPadTM. You can effortlessly move your legacy systems on to a modern mobile platform using our solutions and thus manage information more efficiently.

 We can craft a customized and targeted solution from the ground up, or integrate and optimize a combination of existing platforms into one cohesive system. We work to leverage the unique strengths of each technology and ensure that the methodologies in place perform effectively to meet your unique business needs.

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